Thursday, May 1, 2014

Getting back into the swing of things!

Hi all you wonderful craft loving peeps!  I am really excited about a recent fun crafty thing I have done.  I have gotten back involved with  Yay!!!  I was VERY active in swaps many years ago and I absolutely LOVED it!  I ended up winding down my swaps and stopping swapping (say that 5 times fast) because at the time I was going thorugh a divorce.  I lost my log in info over that time but was able to get back on there with help from them.  So here we go!  I am back on there.  I have started siging back up for swaps over there.  I am really excited to get that rolling again.  I am hoping to reconnect with my old virtual scrapbooking buddies like before.  If you are involved with the community over there look me up.  I am MissScrapsAlot.  :)
Happy crafting all! 
Love - Amanda